Originally founded in 1996 by Dr Harry Brunjes, Premier Medical’s success depended upon excellence in service, innovation and medicine. The business delivered reports for the personal injury sector to insurers and solicitors, growing organically and by acquisition over a 15-year period before being sold to Capita in 2010.

In 2016 the company was reacquired by Dr Harry Brunjes and whilst stabilising core business, quickly diversified into other areas within the healthcare sector. As a result, the company today is a fast-growing portfolio of businesses employing over 300 people across 7 UK locations. The focus is a broad knowledge of the insurance, legal and healthcare sectors, supported by best practice in terms of clinical governance and technology platforms. The original values and ethos remain today, delivering strong core services and innovative products to our customers.

With a reputation acquired over a period of 27 years, a commitment to people, a focus on clients, and an understanding of the importance of technology, Kuro Health believes there is considerable opportunity across the breadth and width of the healthcare and medical software sectors.